Found Old Highways

point lookout

Quite by accident the other day Kris and I stumbled upon a fantastic surprise – a closed off portion of Old Highway 70 – what used to be a main route from Asheville to Charlotte, that is now resurfaced for bicyclists and hikers/walkers/runners/dog walkers.

Point Lookout

This road was known as the Central Highway, and later U.S. 70, and ran from Beaufort to Murphy. It was extremely curvy, and people would often stop along the way at “Point Lookout” and buy Sally the bear her favorite orange soda for a nickel.  (Postcard images from

Sally the Bear at Point Lookout

We were actually trying to find a man-made geyser in Old Fort – which we did, after following the crazy gravel road around the hills; and we were happy with that discovery as well, even though it is not operational (broken during an August storm and still waiting for repairs.)

photo 1

But, thanks to whatever awesome map app I have on my iphone that told us to “turn here” we have a great new place to ride bikes and walk Niche.

pl trail

We’ll definitely be back to see if the geyser is working in a few months. If it is – I’ll follow up more on that.

photo 2

If you take exit 66 off interstate 40 and follow Yates road to the gate, then turn left, the gravel road is incredibly curvy and a bit of a beautiful adventure, and it will eventually lead you to the Andrews Geyser.

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